2009 A&G boxes

They’re officially ordered! I took a bunch of g/u stuff and some Twins autographs over to the card shop and traded them in towards two boxes of A&G. I’m HOPING this will get me the lion’s share of the set, aside from the obvious SPs I’ll be missing out on.

So what I’d like to do is open this up to all of you: all non-Pettitte mini cards will be up for grabs by player/team. I’m setting aside the Cardinals for Kerry from CoC (hoping I pull some sort of St Louis auto for ya), but everything else will be pretty much fair game. I’ll post the minis I pull once I bust my boxes. All doubles will be available, as well.


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12 Responses to “2009 A&G boxes”

  1. yanxchick Says:

    I know you’re a Yankees fan, so Jeter is probably out of the question, but I would like any Kouzmanoff cards you get.

    Thanks, Eric.

  2. fenwaymac77 Says:

    Hi there,

    Add my blog jdswildcardz.blogspot.com to your watch list. I ordered a couple of boxes as well and am determined to gather the entire set. If we work together we can get that much closer.

    Also I am going to start a grass roots campaign to get my 6 month old to be the “crack the code” contest winner. If you will not be using yours, we will be glad to take them and try to get all twenty.

    For mini-cards, I am a red sox fan (sorry), and I would be happy to keep my eyes peeled for mr pettitte.

  3. David Wright Says:

    I just discovered your blog today and immediately added it. Do you have a list of needed Pettitte cards? I have pulled my collection out of storage after many years and am working through cataloging it right now. I’d like to help any way I can.
    As for the A&G, I collect Blue Jays and Cubs team sets, maybe we can work something out?
    Contact me and let me know.

  4. slette Says:

    Wow, some new blood – nice!

    Sooz, because of your continued generosity I’ll include Jeter with any Kooz I pull. I love the guy, but hate storing those minis. If you come across any oddball Andys you don’t want, let’s talk.

    David Wright – you sure you shouldn’t be a Mets fan? I’ll gladly hook you up with any extra Blue Jays and Cubs cards. I even have extra now that I can start putting aside for you. As far as what I have for Pettittes, my list is public on Beckett’s website under EPSlette. Lemme know if you can or can’t get to it.

    Fenwaymac – Crack the Code cards are all yours, and I bet if you reach out to others in the Blogosphere, they’ll be happy to help you out too. I already have Red Sox cards pretty much earmarked for another Boston collector (check out Thoughts and Sox – he’s a great trading partner, and could probably hook you up with some BoSox he doesn’t need), but go ahead and choose between Pedroia and Youkilis and pick another Sawk, and I’ll set them aside for ya.

    Wow, two posts in a day, along with a follow up from me? I’m a regular show off.

  5. beardy Says:

    If possible, can I get Markakis & Adam Jones? I’ve got 2 boxes of this ordered as well, and am also planning on chasing the set.

  6. slette Says:

    Beardy – I’ll put aside all non-set-vital Orioles for you.

  7. AdamE Says:

    I’m glad to see that even though i was late replying I won’t get shut out. I have a pile for you that i think you will be happy with even though it doesn’t have any Andy cards (yet)

  8. owlatnight Says:

    I always welcome Dodgers.

  9. madding Says:

    Awesome. I’ll also be working on this set (in my own, probably primarily retail-based way) so maybe I can hit you up for some doubles down the road after you’ve figured out what you don’t need. I’ve bought a few ’07 and ’08 A&G packs recently and I’ve found myself getting re-hooked.

  10. dkrill Says:

    INDIANS! INDIANS! INDIANS! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

  11. fenwaymac77 Says:

    Sweet, well if I had to pick between Pedroia and Youk I guess I would have to say Dustin, and as for another? …………..probably would go Jason Bay or Jon Lester.

    Thanks for keeping me in mind for the code cards…I will add something on my sidebar when the sets come out. Grassroots campaign! Who doesnt want a baseball card of a 6 month old chewing on a Kendall Gill card??? I thought so! 🙂

  12. wickedortega Says:


    If you want to get rid of any of those A&G 09 Marlins cards please me know…. i love the site and added you to my blog roll!!! Thanks!

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