Beating the Pack Searchers, and a few more off the Heritage List

I think it’s a general consensus that pack searchers are losers, but also a very visible evil when buying retail. I found myself at Target tonight, and decided to nab a few packs of Heritage to, if nothing else, knock a few Mayo needs off my want list. I grabbed about six packs and headed home.

When I got home, I found that three of the packs had actually been opened halfway. I was instantly pissed, and was thinking about ways to return the packs to Target. After debating it, I decided to hang onto them, and hope I could at least pull an SP out of these opened packs. So, I open the first one – nothing. Same case for the second one. Going through the third one, I figured I had pulled three duds and would at the very least talk to management about this problem. As I flipped the stack of cards over to check the numbers against my list, I came across one that didn’t look right:


I flipped it over to look a bit closer and discovered that one of the opened packs contained an autographed Clayton Kershaw card. Needless to say, my feelings of disgust and anger were replaced by a smug, undeserving sense of accomplishment.

To paraphrase Ralph Wiggum on the Simpsons, “I beated the pack searchers, I beated the pack searchers!”

And for what it’s worth, I also knocked off: 38, 309, 327, 339, 379, 394, 400, 447, BF6 and Mayo AR.

But obviously, the big news is the autograph, which is officially on the market for any Kershaw/Dodger collectors. If anyone has an Andy Pettitte autograph they would like to put up for this, all you gotta do is holler.


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7 Responses to “Beating the Pack Searchers, and a few more off the Heritage List”

  1. owlatnight Says:

    How about an Andy Pettitte card with my forged signature of Andy Pettitte?


    Too bad. Geez, I want that Kershaw card.

    • slette Says:

      Night Owl – make me an offer, what’s the worst that could happen?

      Thanks for all the replies – makes me feel good to know someone actually reads this!

  2. White Sox Cards Says:

    I love that feeling! I remember buying a bunch of 2007 Topps 52 Rookies at Target, when they first came out and feeling very gypped when I found all the packs poorly resealed and having three cards per pack.

  3. Dinged Corners Says:

    So, this was an inept pack searcher?

    We’re glad that you beat major odds…the collation odds and the pack searcher odds. Wow. Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket.

  4. madding Says:

    That’s hilarious. I guess the Kershaw auto wasn’t thick or shiny enough for their tastes. Stupid on-card autographs!

  5. Sooz Says:

    this is why we need more on-card autos.

  6. night owl Says:

    Don’t have anything even remotely close in terms of what you collect. How far back do you go in your Twins collecting? I have a Frank Viola auto card. No Yankees autos unfortunately. My card shop guy wants a fortune for those things.

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