Revisiting my collecting habits

When the 2009 collecting year rolled around, I was admittedly late to the party. Like many other bloggers have mentioned, I bought a bunch of stuff last year to get a taste for what I liked. Unfortunately, that also meant I bought crap like A Piece of History and Opening Day, and I didn’t want to repeat my mistakes of collecting this year. I hadn’t bought anything non-Pettitte for quite a while, until this weekend, when I broke down and bought an 09 HTA Topps box. I had forgotten how much fun I had opening packs, but this box was even more special: my girlfriend opened the packs for me, and I watched on. I’m one of the lucky ones, as she doesn’t care that I collect, so long as I keep things organized, and don’t get too crazy with what I’m spending.

So with this new outlook on collecting, I have slightly revamped what I will be buying and adding to my collection. I’m also hoping that my “paying it forward” in trades over the past year will come back to help me out, considering how I traded off most of my stuff of the guys I’m now going to collect all over again (I believe I have discussed my short-sightedness in previous blogs).

I’m now focusing on:

1. Andy Pettitte
2. Chad Greenway
3. Derek Jeter
4. Mariano Rivera/Jorge Posada
5. Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau
6. Joba Chamberlain
7. Evan Longoria
8. Ryan Howard/Chase Utley/Cole Hamels
9. Albert Pujols
10. Bernie Williams/Paul O’Neill/Tino Martinez

The Yankees and Twins are of no surprise to anyone, but just to serve as a reminder that I have zero problem receiving them in trade. But I’ve pretty much drained all the local shops of any Yankees I don’t have, so I decided to sprinkle in a few Phillies, a young stud, and a bona fide superstar to pursue, as well. I don’t need any 1/1s, or rare patch auto cards of these guys (I’ll gladly take them though), but I would like to get a good foundation of their base cards (including SPs) and inserts as well.

I have also decided I am going to build the 2007 Turkey Red set, 2009 A&G, maybe the 2009 Heritage, hopefully polish off my 08 A&G and Heritage, and if I have the attention span left over, I may tackle this year’s Bowman too.

So there it is – my new(ish) outlook on 2009. If you have anyone on the player list you don’t want, feel free to send it to Minnesota. I promise I will have some sort of trading bait to get out to anyone who sends stuff. Also, if you plan on sending a g/u or auto, please let me know who/what you collect so I can go out and track down something comparable to send back.


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