Wow, it’s been a month since I’ve updated? For shame, Eric. To be fair, I haven’t had a heckuva lot to blog about on a day-by-day basis, but when I put it all together, I can get a decent sized post out of it.

First and foremost, is a potential gripe I may have with this year’s Topps Heritage. Apparently they have misspelled “Pettitte” on the base version of Andy’s card, shorting him a “t.” However, his chrome versions, as well as the box-topper, all have the correct spelling. I’m hoping this isn’t some sly SP they’re pulling on me – leave that stuff for other players, stop gimmicking my guy, you asses. I have a Heritage coming in the mail, but if anyone else has picked up any of the chrome versions or the box-topper, definitely look me up.

The Pettitte collection has grown substantially, now weighing in 624 cards strong. Dayf recently sent me a handful of Yankees, and pulling off a feat that is hard to come by: blindly trading me two Pettittes I didn’t have: his 08 UD Ballpark w/Jeter, Pudge and Verlander, and his 2002 Bowman (I’m not too sure how this card eluded me).

Not to be outdone, Matt from Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius hooked me up a few weeks ago with a nice 08 Finest Moments Blue of Pettitte. Again, a card I did not have in my collection, and I actually had never even seen it before it was in my mailbox. I’ve also received a ton of nice Jeters, Riveras, Posadas, Jobas, O’Neills, Tinos and Bernies from these guys as well as Kerry at Cards on Cards as well as a nice package from Thoughts and Sox, as well. After deciding to rekindle my childhood collection, Chris from Stale Gum sent me a handful of Mark McGwire inserts (among other Mauers, Morneaus and other great cards) in exchange for some set builders, and Dave from Fielder’s Choice helped me knock out a chunk of my needs as well. Everyone’s continued generosity is always appreciated, and I’m always amazed by how generous some people are.

I also got rid of the lion’s share of my cards, dumping them at my local card shop in exchange for a couple of Chad Greenway autos. Space is becoming an increasing concern of mine, and being able to move most of my commons for a couple of cards I really want is a nice thing. This leaves me with very little to trade, obviously, so here is what I propose: if you come across something g/u or auto of Andy Pettitte and I don’t have it, I will go out and buy something of comparable value and trade you for it. I’m still trying to boost my number of g/u and #ed cards, and to date I only have one autograph of his. If you have anything that I may need, let’s talk.

Hopefully I update this again before April, but in case I don’t: Happy St Patrick’s Day, Happy Spring, and enjoy March Madness


3 Responses to “Hi”

  1. AdamE Says:

    I got the package you sent. I’m blown away by your generosity. I don’t have many autos so when i get one in a trade I am always astounded. I’ll be writing a post on what you sent eventually…

  2. MJ Says:

    Hey there – the Pettitte IS misspelled, but I don’t believe there is a variation.

  3. slette Says:

    Sweet, I didn’t want to chase down the super-SPed version of his last name spelled correctly.

    And how many times can I use “as well” in one blog entry. Geez, I need to proofread my stuff.

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