2009 Topps is Live!

Unfortunately, as cool as some of the cards I’ve seen pulled from packs thus far may be, I will be waiting another few months for the Andy Pettitte, and the countless parallels, it seems.  However, Andy does appear in Series I of Upper Deck, along with a gold foil parallel.  It probably goes without saying, but if you pull either of these cards, do let me know so we can work something out.

I’m slowly getting caught up on trades – Dave from Fielder’s Choice will finally have his package put together this evening and in the mail soon.  Same goes for Chris at Stale Gum.  I’m piecing together want lists for Heritage and A&G, so keep your eyes peeled and doubles ready to be sorted.

Go figure, I’m posting, and it’s Tuesday.  That’s just weird.

I need a banner.


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