Well, hello

I stink at updating this thing.  It’s okay, you’re not gonna hurt my feelings by agreeing with me.  Factor in that I have yet to upload a single picture or customize this in any way, and it’s safe to say I need to get my poop in a group.

So…. hmm.  I got some new Pettittes off of Checkoutmycards.com again… nothing too wild there, I guess.  Pulled in a couple of Chad Greenway autos too, so I got that going for me.

God, this is brutal.

Oh, wait!  I’m set-building!  After trading off seemingly all my A&G, Goudey, Heritage and Masterpieces cards, I’m not building all of these sets!  Let’s hear it for foresight, huh?  I’ve started on the Goudey with a couple blasters and will probably dive into a hobby box this weekend.  Maybe this is a good thing, because it will prompt me to post “fell my wantlist” posts.  I also reserved a hobby box of ’09 Heritage, so I’ll be working on that set as well.  One thing: I probably won’t be working on any of the insert sets, so I’ll still be happy to trade those off for Yankee stuff.  Luckily, I have never come into contact with any collectors of the Tigers, Pirates, Blue Jays or Diamondbacks, so those portions of the sets are, well… set.  I’m also kicking around the idea of building the 2005 Topps Total (snagged two hobby boxes for $10) and UD ESPN sets, as well as the 93 Score Select.  Just look at me.

If you’re waiting on a package from me, it’s because I ran out of shipping tape, and haven’t bought anymore yet.  I promise, it’ll be worth your while once they show up.

That’s all.  My boss is talking to me in the doorway as I type this, meaning I should probably make eye contact.


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2 Responses to “Well, hello”

  1. Peter Says:

    I got tons of Goudey base doubles whenever you get that stuff situated. Let me know if you get any YSL doubles (assuming you collect them), I’ve been big on those lately.

  2. madding Says:

    Wow, where did you get $10 boxes of Topps Total? I’d love to get ahold of some of that stuff.

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