Wanna Swap?

In paying tribute to my baseball card-whorish ways,  I am mentioning trading in my third consecutive post.  However, I’m not using this particular entry as a call for Pettitte cards, but more to explain how I trade, and what I’ll trade for.  I do mostly blind trading with other bloggers – the only two exceptions to this rule are Chris’ wantlist at Stale Gum and the first trade I did with Steve at White Sox Cards.  Otherwise, I pretty much round up everything I have of a team, put ’em in a box, and send them on their ways.  Unfortunately, by doing this I tend to include duplicates, and even triplicates from time to time.  I don’t really like doing it, but it’s done in hope that these collectors have networked with other collectors of their team, and they can trade off what I send to get stuff they need.  So when you’re pulling that fourth Torii Hunter card out of your box, please know my heart is in the right place.

So if you’re still with me after reading that, and are still intrigued, here’s a list of what I look for in trade, in order of priority (so business-like):

1. Andy Pettitte.  Both Yankees and Astros cards.  Beckett says there are 3300+ Pettittes out there, and my collection will be at 10% of that when my mail comes next week.  Needless to say, I have a long way yet to go.  I’m looking for whatever you have: base, relic, parallel – if it’s Andy, email me, and I’ll take a look.

1A. Chad Greenway.  Being from Iowa and living in Minnesota, Greenway is a fan of these two teams’ dream come true.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a dream collection of him: six cards.  One would think living in Minneapolis would lend itself well to finding Greenway cards, but he sells out incredibly quickly around here.

2. Derek Jeter.  Getting back into the hobby, I initially planned on focusing on Jeter.  While I still pick his stuff up at shops, and love getting them in trades, zeroing in on collecting his stuff would have bankrupted me many times over.  By all means, though, if you have Jeters you don’t want, lemme know (again, with the whoring.  I’m shameless).

3. Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada.  These round out the players I really concentrate on, and by concentrate, I mean request in trade, search out at card shops/online.   I rank Rivera just slightly over Posada, but gladly accept cards of either.

4. Tino Martinez, Paul O’Neill, Joba Chamberlain, Bernie Williams, Roger Clemens.  More favorite Yankees, who I love getting in trades.  However, at this point it turns into collecting too many players, so I’ll pick them up in the common bins (not so much with Joba and Clemens) and tell traders I am looking for them.

5.  Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer.  Hey, I live in the Twin Cities, I have to have someone local to cheer for during the season when I can’t watch Yankee games.  My collections of both are modest, although I have finally started receiving a few trades as well.  Twins cards go for above-Beckett value around here, so the best I can hope for is pulling from packs or getting them in the mail.

6. Other Yankees.  Traders probably are much better off sending their A-Rods, Mantles, etc to other Yankee collectors and getting more bang for their buck.  However, I will not refuse them and can find homes for them as well.

I do believe that’s everything.  Wait, Shane Battier too.  I’m too lazy to re-write/re-rank every player, so if you bust basketball and pull a Battier, chances are I’m interested.  And on that note, I am being summoned to do actual work.  *sigh*


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2 Responses to “Wanna Swap?”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Hello – I have some Pettite/Posada game used cards and plenty of extra yankees im sure if you ever wanna swap for simlar mets stuff – just shoot me a line!

  2. slette Says:

    I like the way you think – check your Hotmail!

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