Dusting this thing off

Wow, it’s been a week since I posted. I used to get fussy at work when I would look around and see that nobody had posted a new blog for a few hours… I guess I should have typed a mile in someone else’s shoes before getting frustrated.

Today’s (work) mail brought me a nice package of cards from Cliff at Capewood’s Commons. We first traded this summer, when Cliff helped me downsize my collection by taking the Phillies and Astros off my hands, and in turn provided me with a few hundred Yankees, including the first Andy Pettitte jersey card for my collection. More NYY goodness arrived today when mail was delivered, and I was treated to a generous helping of some of my Yankee favorites, including Jorge Posada, Tino Martinez and a Jeter/Schilling Marquee Matchups he pulled from a pack of SP Authentic. I don’t have a scanner that operates properly, so you’ll just have to believe that he send a great selection of cards, and I’m grateful to be able to add them to my collection. Cliff, you can expect a healthy package sent your way during the holiday season, when I get the rest of my Phillies cards ready for you.

I also got a nice shipment of Pettittes from Checkoutmycards.com – about 18 base cards that probably wouldn’t interest many of you, along with a 2004 Donruss World Series g/u bat card and a 2006 UD Materials jersey card. I’ve been incredibly pleased with all of my experiences at COMC, and turned around and ordered three more jersey cards from them last night, along with the 2006 Topps Heritage SP of him, Clemens and Oswalt.

While it would be nice to say that quenched my thirst for Pettittes for a while, I cannot. Today at work, I found a dealer on Beckett’s store listing selling a ton of Pettitte base cards I didn’t have. 88 cards later, my order was placed and the addiction was fed further. While I feel borderline insane buying amounts like this, I reassure myself that if I was a Jeter collector, I would be chasing 20x the cards at probably 20x the money too. I’ll still gladly take those Jeters in a trade, pull them from a pack, or get them at the local shop, but I have to save my online binges for Andy cards only. Otherwise, I’ll be in debt for stuff I really can’t justify.

I’m sure I’m forgetting about a dozen other things I wanted to post, but they’ll come to me at some inconvenient time, I’m sure. Oh wait, if you want to have your page featured here, lemme know. I’ve traded with a good chunk of the blogosphere, and as a thank you for your generosity I can at least link to you guys. And as always, if you have some Pettitte cards you want to get rid of, look me up. I’m more than happy to send you a list of what I have, in hopes you have something not on there.


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