And so it begins…

I figure I’ve bothered enough baseball card bloggers via email that it’s time I get my own blog and hopefully start getting solicited by other collectors out there.  After months of taking my quest to get new cards of Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter and Chad Greenway to other bloggers, I now hope that readers will find me with hopes to unload the cards they don’t want.

I started collecting baseball cards again this past May after a 14-year hiatus from the hobby, and returned to a world I hardly recognized.  I was aware that Upper Deck had started putting jersey pieces in cards, but had no idea that such things as printing plates, 1 of 1’s, and twenty different parallel versions of a base card existed.  It quickly dawned on me that my original intention – to collect all Yankees cards was bordering between unreasonable and impossible (thank you very much Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy).  It was with this I narrowed down my focus.

Initially I was collecting Derek Jeter, and still do.  However, the premium price his cards command helped me realize that if I wanted to become a true player collector and have a shot at getting most (sadly, not at all) of his cards, I would need to find someone who is a little less in the collecting public’s eye.  Enter: Andy Pettitte.  I had his 1994 Bowman as a remind of my past collecting days, and since he was such an integral part of the Yankees’ 90s dynasty, I ran with him.  Starting with that one card, my collection has grown over several months to the current total of 241.

So there it is: I am here in hopes I will gain some sort of following and do some trading with collectors.  My collection is online at Beckett under “EPSlette” if you’re curious.  If you have something that I don’t – look a brother up.  In the meantime, I’ll be posting stuff I get in the mail via trade, and if I get super desperate, stuff I buy from  Oh, and I’m also looking for those who collect the Blue Jays, Pirates and Diamondbacks.  In the effort to streamline my collection (another story for another post) I am getting rid of all my cards that aren’t a select few players.  If you collect these teams, let me know – ask other bloggers and they can let you  know that it’ll be worth your while.


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7 Responses to “And so it begins…”

  1. AdamE Says:

    Eric is a great trader. Drop him all your Pettite Jeter Riveria, and Mussina cards like I did and you will get great stuff in return. Thanks for the cards Eric.

  2. AdamE Says:

    Also if you find any Diamondback Blue Jay or Pirate collectors let me know. I have a few of them to unload myself.

  3. Chris Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere as they call it! I still have a couple of Yankee cards pulled aside for you (and some A-rod cards if you want those…figured they could be trade bait with fellow Yankee fans if nothing else). Good luck here, I’ll be sure to stop by again!

  4. Dave Says:

    It’s great to see that you’ve taken the plunge into blogging! I’ve already linked to you and I can definitely vouch for the fact that you’re an incredibly generous trader! By the way, I’ve been working on putting together some more cards for you, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to mail them later this week.

  5. night owl Says:

    Welcome aboard! I know Billy S. of West Virginia Cards and Jeffrey Wolfe of Card Junkie are both Pirates collectors. (also, I’ve added you my blogroll. I’d be honored if you did the same).

  6. Charlie Says:

    Hey Eric! Glad you decided to join us. Just linked you. It’s tough coming up with things to write about isn’t it 🙂

    PS – When you get some time, give this thing a little Pettitte pizzazz!

  7. topher Says:

    Wow. I started my blog with the EXACT. SAME. TITLE.

    From one Minnesotan to another, welcome to the blogosphere!

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